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Tracksure breaks new ground “Down Under”

Tracksure have received their first commercial order from John Holland Corporation in Australia. The order was received after extensive and successful testing in the New South Wales area and is for the supply of crossings. Type Approval is expected to follow shortly and follows similar excellent news from Germany. Gerhard Dodl, Tracksure’s Managing Director, said […]

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WS Group

WS Group is a technology-based business dedicated to successfully sourcing, patenting, developing and marketing unique safety technologies that satisfy global needs.

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The LD99 Fastening system is both failsafe and serviceable and significantly enhance maintenance regimes across a wide range of industries.

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Tracksure's range of patented fasteners radically reduce the risk of bolts self-loosening whilst improving operational efficiency, offering benefits to rail operators, passengers and infrastructure managers alike.

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Wheelsure's award-winning range of patented locking devices provides a fail-safe means of securing wheel nuts. Use of the device also enables the fleet operator to manage vehicle maintenance in a more cost-effective manner.

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